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EOS (2012)

Love N' Light (2013)

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Upcoming Shows

Wednesday, August 20th, 2014
Antelope Valley Fair
EOS plays around 5:00 pm

Friday, September 12th, 2014
PJ's Roadhouse
Starts @ 9:00pm - $5 cover

Friday, October 24th, 2014
PJ's Roadhouse w/ Gigantis
Starts @ 9:00pm

Saturday, October 25th, 2014
End of Season Party
Starts @ 6:00pm

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In 2004, Issac and Mike wrote their first song together and have continued to create as a duo, and individually, ever since. Then in 2007, Chris and his bass promptly learned six original songs and performed in the bands first gig. The following year posed separation for the group, following careers and starting families, each individual set off on the path they had been destined to follow.
In 2009 Issac and Mike were asked to preform a benefit show for a friend in need. After contacting Chris and getting together, they then knew what they had been missing. The Love of Music. The trio quickly recorded several songs and adapted the name Element of SouL.
EoS swiftly spread by word of mouth, playing parties, weddings, and benefits in the Placerville area for the next year, and with the addition of Zephyr(Seth) and his turntables, a unique sound was being heard and recognized. 2010 provided a new light and new sound with Eric and Tristan falling into place providing EoS with the full band experience.
For the next two years, they created a catalog of over 40 original songs and spanned California, playing shows from Lake Tahoe to San Francisco. Now in 2012 Element of Soul has released their first full-length studio album and wrapped up their first west-coast tour, with their eyes on the broad horizon.
"Be the Change you wish to see"- Mahatma Ghandi. Element of SouL is an outlook on life. We truly believe in getting back what you put out. Be good to people, show your love for everyone and everything, we are one. By speaking good messages and putting out positive energy on stage, EoS only hopes to inspire, to make your soul move, groove, and feel the flow of life. As a group of individuals seeking the same destination, all egos are left behind, smiles and laughter is the usual state of the band on and off stage, we join you to smile with us and create the movement of Love. Lets create a better day, everyday. We thank everyone who has helped us along the way and look forward to giving back to the world for lifetimes to come.
Much Love. Live Much.

This Is Our Story

Reggae/Pop/Rock band from Northern California. With an original sound that carries a strong and positive message, influenced from all genres of Life and music. EOS has been playing shows in the Sacramento and surrounding areas since 2009. From the biggest concert venues to the smallest of sports bars, this high energy act constantly has an affect on the crowd that causes dancing, singing, smiles, and laughter. Whether it's an acoustic set, the full band, or a dance party by DJ Zephyr, Element of SouL offers a diverse and genre friendly package of entertainment.