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Alive & Lucky

Well this song is about those days when you can't really count on anyone but yourself. We wrote it as kind of a joke but it has become one of our favorite songs and that is for sure. It had a pretty good feel to it but once we got in the studio with Mark Harmon the song really came to life and took on a whole new presence in the album.

The moral of the story is I'm alive. I've been sitting here thinking about it, it's been on my mind. So I just called to ask you, are you coming home tonight. Said I had a bad day and I just want to hold you tight. And she said...well hell no I'm out with my friends leave me alone said don't call me again. And she said hell no stop acting like that and just leave me alone. So I called Mr. Peepers, what are doing friend. Said I had a bad day and I'm just feeling down again. If you ain't doing nothing, why don't you come on down. I need someone to talk to, pick my head up off the ground. But he said...hell no I'm staying at home doing my laundry its more than one load, saying hell no I'm watching my dog just leave me alone. So I called my Mama, said it's your baby boy. Better make it fast my son because I'm walking out the door. And she said but what's wrong. Well really nothing I can't really explain it, it feels like something raining down on my back I can't shake it off. I need some advice say Mama what you got. She said well I'm sorry my dear you're feeling blue but there's only one thing you can do. Got to pick yourself up and keep on trying, this is life son now quit your dam crying. Got to pick yourself up and dust yourself off, well I got to go my plane to Vegas is taking off. So I said hell no, said what's going on everybody's out and I'm all alone. Saying hell no ain't acting like that said I'm moving on. Hell no now I realize no one else can see what I see through these eyes. Singing hell no ain't acting like that said I'm moving on. And I often think about it when will it be my time to find that girl of my dreams that girl that's always on my mind. That girl, that girl who's serious, says I'm funny and likes Incubus like I, she quotes the movies I watch, she's got a few tattoos and she ain't planning to stop, oh no. And when the moon shines over us I'd be as lucky as a four-leaf clover was. On a shooting star tell me why does this girl she seems so far away, now I can't help myself from falling in love with you.


This song was inspired after an awesome camping trip. We just wanted to go camping but had not planned anywhere to go. After calling around for suggestions we talked to Issac's oldest brother Jason and he suggested the perfect spot. The place was so magical and full of great energy he knew it would be hard for us to not have a good time. Even though it rained a little the trip still provided nothing but great memories and inspiration. Once we got home we knew that a song was on the way that we only hoped would give this magical land the love it deserves!

About a week ago, I met this pretty little girl. She took my breath she showed me things that I have never seen before. So now I'm wandering in a different land. Wishing I could climb her trees, dig my toes into her sand. So tell me baby, are you lonely now? Don't worry baby, I'll be coming down. We started walking we don't know where we'll be. We ended up on a bridge by a stream, holding each other feel complete ecstasy, but wait a second she is setting me free. She gives me the fire that is burning deep inside. She provides the water to keep me alive. With her winds always strong she almost knocks me off my feet. But her earth is always there to bring me shelter and relief. Oh, my baby Butano she cannot be seen, unless you cross the "T" with me and show me that you believe. So now it's time to move on, my shelter is gone. The fires burnt out and the winds carried on, but the flow of the water will lead me back home, but our destiny is 16 that's why we're writing this song. Until we meet again I want to thank you, for feeling so lost and upside down I'm saying your tires on your roof. To be complete again I must embrace you. Put a name to this face don't ever let nobody change you, baby.

Better Day

We have a duty as people of this world, to stop all of our fighting and egotistical nonsense so we can become one. We all know that when love is in our hearts life is full of color, beauty and passion. Dr. Kim Clarity, our mentor if you will, inspired this song of change. She taught us how we control way more around us then we probably think. How the change starts from within yourself. Start with changing yourself and that just may influence a friend or family member to change. Together you may inspire your town to make the same change. That town may inspire a nation which we could only hope inspires the world. "Be the change you wish to see." Mahatma Gandhi

It's time to open up your eyes to the world so you can see what has become of this so-called American dream. All of this anger, hatred, your money and greed take it away, lock it up and throw away the key. Is it really so hard for us to see it's up to you to put yourself where you want to be. Don't let yourself travel to nowhere. So take me home where the mood is right I'm feeling good it's the perfect night, let me here you say. Let's make a better day. Tell me if you think that everything you know is real. Do you love or try to steal energy from this field of life. Come surpass all your childish ways with love you'll always change insane is staying the same. Plus there's nothing to gain there's nothing to come of it. I am an example sent to show of my ample, endless, bliss. Well now the energy's strong and I will prevail, but keep an open mind and you will soon walk that trail. Don't think I'm struggling every day, I feel I fall in love again with the ones close to me with every handshake, kiss, or hug I'm in. So come on in and take a new direction. Try to find the perspective to see the next dimension. Did I mention there's no tension, no it does not exist in this world of shameless joy positive will persist? On my list of things to do I am not through. So let me tell you where I want to be. So take me home, close your eyes and find a road and realize you're not alone. Take me home find the love from within and you'll never be alone.

I Play the Role

Well I was walking one day down the street seen this pretty little thing that just had to meet. Said excuse me miss, but um, what's your name? She said what does it matter you men are all the same. Well I don't know what you've been told this story about guys is getting kind of old. Let me tell you something you might not of heard the shit that you be saying it sounds so absurd. The fact of the matter is you girls are all alike turning damn nothing into a big fight. Well I'm alright, yes I'm okay I'll blow you a kiss and turn the other way. I play the role, Asshole. Well I went out to the bar late one night seen this pretty little thing out of the corner of my eye. Said excuse me miss I see your standing by yourself let me buy you a drink pour it from the top shelf. Oh let me guess lets get drunk, take me home who would of thunk. And Jesus Christ, she says you're all the same and if you ask me I think your Mama's to blame. I said hold on a minute you just crossed the line and now I'm feeling stupid for wasting my time. Something 'bout me, I'm like nobody else but now I see why you were standing by yourself. Let me tell you something I think that you should listen; you were kind of cute before you started bitchin'. So I apologize for trying to make you happy, and since you brought it up I bet you blame it on your daddy. Uh Oh. I play the role. If you try to tell me what you think that I are, I'll be. And if you were in my shoes, then you would approach you too. You've got something about you baby, before you starting acting crazy so. I play the role!

Spring Song

With nature's swift sneeze, a cold winter freeze turns into a warm breeze. Now there's green on the trees and there's a smile on my face. With the sun shining bright right into my eyes, going to take a sharp knife cut this strife from my life, all right. You and I both know that this is not working. So let us go our separate ways before my heart starts hurting. Where I'm at is poor pathetic slightly poetic, don't be sympathetic; I'm not yet a relic. Well a young and alive I try to satisfy, with a mic on a stand I will testify. When the beat drop drop drops on your mind then you know. With a roll of the strings feel it in your soul. Nothing can stop this yearning from within. So come on, come on breathe out and breathe in. Breathe out, breathe in, feel it roll through your skin when the bass line begins. Breathe in, breathe out, 'cause when you feel it in your mind, that's what the songs all about. Well I'm Northern Cali grown wherever I roam; I'm coming back to my home.

Here I Stand

And as I sit and wait and wonder will I find the answers to these questions that I hold inside? And can't I seek the truth, or keep on chasing lies. I'm tired of these feelings I'm nearing my demise. And now it seems that I am under all these shattered skies. The open door is calling will it open up my eyes? So I can find the way to stand up tall and rise above what is below me no more compromise. So here I stand, let's go around again. I'll throw my blows of this pain and regret and watch while you fall. And it's so hard for me to stay real, when all you are is just fake. So now I'm telling you just how it feels, when you give it away. Holding me down, bleed on myself from these wounds you created, break me now. Give it away; holding me down, bleed on myself from these wounds you created. So tell me who needs who now? Don't hesitate, just like a falling glass you see me, I'm ready to break.

The Movement

I'm feeling so extravagant, I'm writing on this pad again Scribble it all in capitals to let you know I'm mad again The thing that makes me sad is when you pretend you're not holding a grudge About pushing me away when all I tried to show was love, its not enough But, I'm thinking to my self that it was Cause cards and candies cant compare to what I gave you my trust, now I'm in cuffs Restricted in your twisted tangled lies like you in front of me asking what I've compromised Through my eyes yes I feel like I have reached the untouchable My complex so dark it's got me feeling like a Huxtable Too much for you to understand or comprehend don't try Cause you can't handle the truth when the truth becomes a lie so don't try I try to relax and I try to unwind but I sit back to find that I am lost and I am blind Can't seem to find my way How can you start something if you are not ready for the closing of doors despair hurting or more? But who's to say it always ends like that What if there is a movement, What if we all sing, Spread love rejoice, This is my dream And its and easy song to sing, So would you sing with me What if there is a movement, What if we all wing, Spread love rejoice, This is my dream And its and easy song to sing So would you sing with me tonight? I know every body's feeling it Tell me are we gonna believe it tonight, I'm feeling alright And no one could ever see that I have no need to apologize I'm feeling all right


I said suffocation, my words are choked. I see motivations silhouette stand before me I hope. But defending society's outburst I've tried, spoken through shadows fallen from light. Well a new creation exposing all colors and the black blankets covering lies. Soft-spoken anger has fallen and the darkness covers my sight. But insulting the presence of power is only building more room for demise. And I don't know said what can I say; I'm breaking apart the words on this page. Well you can find ecstasy you're not being free, you can find apathy you're not being free. Sail on unspoken wings now you're being free you can find ecstasy, yeah.

Set Your Mind Free

An influenced mind is hard to find blind without a sense of intense influence or time. To rhyme, unwind, sit back and inhale sail above the rail of this modern fairy tale of insanity. Well there's only humanity to point their fingers and get mad at me for my views and interests that contrast this world hanging out with M.J. my girl. My world seems so cloudy but not from the skies as I come down and break boundary lines. Of these times and tribulations that we facing, time to spread my love all across the nation. The expectation for society, slow way down and be as free as me. I offer salvation but you're too blind to see this total devastation, set your mind free. Wo-oh I, you got to come down by the fireside. Wo-oh me, you got to come and set your mind free. A lyric is a lyric unless your one that fears it, then you cannot hear it you can only try to clear it. From your mind the blind canvas that it be, hypocrisy in this land of the free. Do as they say not as they do 'cause they do all the things that we cannot do. Don't know about you but I'm ready to wake up and drink the truth from my freedom cup. See my position is to listen, example with good decisions. See my name is not Morgan, no you will never catch me snitchin'. Never send my friend to prison, no that is not my mission. I seen less cloudier days in my visions. My intention for living is to always stay strong. Rolling with the rhythm as the music carries on. Come on all my friends and gather around. Inhale through your ears this brand new sound. We sing these songs of freedom just to stay alive.

Feeling Strange

There is a feeling of comfort you get when you are back in a familiar place. Things may have changed and it might not look the same but for some reason you still find comfort in the memory of this place. A place where you know no matter where you have been in your life or what you have done that you will be accepted and greeted with open arms. Kind of the way Mike and Issac felt after a long period away from each other not writing music together. Once they started back up it was a little different but just as comfortable and inviting as it had ever been before. This song was the first song they wrote together after a long break from music and is Issac's favorite song on the album.

Heading back and there ain't no waiting familiar faces are greeting and saying hi. Come into my open arms, to this place that will cause no harm to I. I'm feeling strange is this home again? No I don't mind I'm feeling strange. Seen all the steps I've taken through the years of my mistaken life. But through these walls I am not shaking, I'm not lying and I'm not faking. I can smell and I can taste it now. Heading back and there ain't no waiting familiar faces are greeting and saying hi. But through these walls I am not shaking, I'm not lying and I'm not faking. I can smell and I can taste it now.

Falling Apart

Holding on for tomorrow letting go for today. Said maybe this fire just cannot be contained. And even though I get burned every day, rugged and strong going to find my way to where I need to be. 'Cause we're falling apart, we're breaking at the seams, when no one in this world knows just what to believe. We're falling apart we're breaking away, just hoping that we'll make it through another day. Won't you save my soul? But instead you come and stay no more. Won't you save my soul? Now step beside the fire and dance with the flames all night long even when it rains, that's where I need to be. And when the day begins, going to find my friends, spread love across the land make all the people stand for what they believe.